Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why Do You Play Music?

Being in a band is something that can be fun and exciting. Being in a band can lead to amazing opportunities and lead you to places you never thought you could possibly be before. However, being in a band might just be someone’s escape from the real world. It might be the only place you have where you feel safe and can just play music to get away from the world.

For me, music is a way for me to express my deepest feelings and just let loose. Music its self is an amazing collaboration of sound waves that are organized in a manor that we understand as many different sounds, emotions and feelings. Music has the ability to stimulate your entire brain at the same time. Not many things in existence can do that. For me, playing music is much more than my love for putting on a good show on stage. It is my way of just feeling alive.

I want to know what YOUR reason for playing music is. Comment below and tell me why you play music.



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